Israel At War: Updates and Resources

The JCRC of Greater Washington is fully committed to standing with Israel for as long as it is necessary to annihilate the Hamas terrorists who, on October 7th, committed the deadliest single-day massacre on Jewish people since the Holocaust.

This page will be regularly updated with resources, local events and ways you can help support Israel from afar. Anyone with information to be included on this page should email


Israel-Hamas War FAQs Fact Sheet
The JCRC of Greater Washington has put together a FAQs sheet to answer some of the main questions being asked during this time of war between Israel and Hamas.

The 10/7 Project
The 10/7 Project is an organized effort to counter the disinformation about the attacks of October 7th and Israel’s response, especially aimed at the key media and government influencers.

Hostages and Missing Families Forum
Nearly 200 innocent civilians, soldiers, Israelis and non-Israelis including babies, children, elderly, women and men, were abducted from Israel by Hamas and taken into Gaza. Bring Them Home Now

Emotional/Mental Health Support
The horrific events unfolding in Israel are understandably triggering fear, anxiety, anger and more, especially among people with close personal ties to Israelis or with children or other relatives serving in the Israeli Defense Forces. Those in need of emotional support and/or mental health services should contact the Federation and JSSA’s J-CARING hotline at 703-J-CARING.

Speaking with your Children about these Traumatic Events
Our partners at the Jewish Social Services Agency (JSSA) have provided us with an excellent resource from the Child-Mind Institute with tips for speaking to our children about these horrific events.  
Helping Children Cope After a Traumatic Event can be found Here in English, and Here in Hebrew 

Kveller has published a very helpful guide broken down by age group, How to Talk to Kids About What’s Happening in Israel Right Now

For more general advice, please see the ADL’s guide on having family conversations about difficult topics

Israel Resources for Teens
Supporting our Students During the Israel-Hamas War
A guide for teens on talking about the Israeli-Hamas war.

Fight Misinformation, Disinformation, and Biased Media Literacy
To recognize, distinguish and address these types of bad information, check out this Media Literacy Resource

In the U.S. Seeking Information about Relatives/Loved Ones in Israel
Please contact the Israeli Consulate in New York at 917-756-8387 or 212-499-5321 for information about relatives or loved ones currently in Israel.

Take Action

The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington Israel Crisis Relief Fund

Friends of the IDF Hamas-Israel War Emergency Campaign

Support Victims of Terror in Israel
Solidarity 4 Survivors

Advocate: Tell your federal, state, and local elected officials and representatives to support Israel. 

Share Your Story: Do you know someone in Israel who was personally affected by the Hamas terror attack? We are looking for people who want to share their story or that of a family member or friend either living in Israel or currently there in another capacity. 

Wear Your #BlueRibbonsforIsrael: Communities and leaders across North America are wearing their blue ribbons in solidarity with the hostages taken by Hamas in Israel and their families. Learn more and get your blue ribbon at

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