The JCRC Internship Program

The JCRC hires college and graduate students interested in serving as Interns in the Fall, Winter/Spring and Summer terms.

Interns support work within the JCRC's 4 main pillars of government relations, Israel advocacy, inter-group relations, and social justice and have the opportunity to participate in exciting and meaningful projects that provide a unique lens through which to view our dynamic organization in action. JCRC Interns are involved in all aspects of our programs including legislative activities, research, event planning and publicity and policy development.

Interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter to Julie Greenwald at  Please follow this link to learn more about the internship program.

"I found the site visits really beneficial – they showed me just how important each agency is to the Washington Jewish community, and vice versa. It was great to learn about the different services each agency provides for a different group in the community, and how all the agencies work in partnership to improve the Washington Jewish community."


Intern, Israel Advocacy Center

“I loved that I had the opportunity to meet with leaders from various organizations including Operation Understanding and the Roots Project. Together, we formed lasting connections and developed strategies to improve our community. During those meetings, I was able to share my opinions and ideas. It was a great experience.”


Intern, Social Justice

"It is rare to wake up feeling excited to go to work, but JCRC’s staff made me feel welcome from day one. I felt as if I were truly part of the team and loved seeing my research transform into resource guides,one-pagers, etc. We were also offered something very unique to the JCRC internship experiences: site visits. I enjoyed getting a nice “break” from my typical daily activities while still learning the direct impact JCRC has on the surrounding community." 


Intern, Maryland Government and Community Relations

"Going on these site visits was very interesting, because it gave me the opportunity to see the other amazing work being done in the Jewish community and allowed me to see how intertwined all of the organizations really are. The different organizations have unique goals and objectives, but come together to benefit the community as a whole." 


Intern, Virginia Government and Community Relations