Student to Student

Student to Student is a high school peer education program striving to reduce prejudice, and bigotry. The program brings together Jewish high school students from different backgrounds, trains them to talk about their lives as Jewish teens, and facilitates discussions in public and private schools in an effort to dismantle anti-Semitism and put a human face to Judaism.

The Student to Student Program is funded by a grant from United Jewish Endowment Fund of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington.

The Student to Student program

  • Fights Prejudice within the community
  • Fosters Understanding 
  • Creates Leaders


Each presentation is given by three or four students, representing members of each branch of Judaism; Conservative, Reform, Orthodox and Reconstructionist. Since this is a presentation by students for students, it is not perceived as "just another lecture" It resonates with the students and creates more of an informal discussion where questions are encouraged. 

Student to Student participants have made presentations in public schools for world history, speech, journalism, and literature classes; and in faith schools, in conjunction with world religion and Hebrew Scriptures classes.

Topics of Discussion

  • A description of the branches of Judaism
  • A description of a typical day in the presenters lives
  • The Jewish calendar, including holidays
  • The Sabbath
  • The Jewish life cycle from birth to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs to marriage to death
  • Jewish Dietary Practices
  • The Hebrew language
  • The Holocaust
  • Israel
  • Human rights concerns

“It is through programs such as this that our communities learn to understand each other better so that we…can live in mutual respect and peace.”  

—Student to Student Participating Teacher

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For more information on becoming a Student to Student participant, or to schedule a presentation, please call Sara Winkelman, Program Director, Student to Student Initiative at 301-770-0881 or email