Israel At War: Media Coverage

10/9/2023, DC News Now

DC Jewish community holds vigil for Israel


10/10/2023, NBC4

DC Jewish community unites in grief and strength at vigil

10/11/2023, WTOP

Montgomery Co. executive seeks additional security grants for nonprofits at risk for hate crimes
10/11/2023, MoCo 360
‘We need each other’: 8,000 participate in Tuesday vigil for Israel
10/11/2023, Montgomery Community Media
Hundreds Gather With Song, Tears and Prayer in Support of Israel
10/12/2023, WUSA9
Jewish organizations call out Montgomery Co. superintendent for 'inadequate' Israel-Hamas statement

10/12/2023, Montgomery County Media

2 Groups Against Bias Are Angry, Hurt and Disappointed With MCPS

10/12/2023, MoCo360
Jewish organizations, residents blast MCPS’ ‘inadequate’ statements on Israel attacks

10/12/2023, Washington Jewish Week
Local Community and Political Leaders React to Deadly Terrorist Attacks in Israel

10/12/2023, Moment Magazine
Americans Rally, Rage and Grieve after Attack on Israel

10/13/2023, Jewish Insider
Jewish institutions on edge after Hamas call for worldwide ‘Day of Rage’

10/13/2023, Capital News Service
At DC rally, Maryland’s Moore, Hoyer and others declare solidarity with Israel


10/13/2023, WTOP
Fury, sadness and solidarity at ‘Stand with Israel’ rally in DC

10/13/2023, WJLA/ABC-7 
DC Jewish community holds rally at Freedom Plaza amid tensions in the Middle East

10/13/2023, DC News Now
Hundreds attend pro-Israeli rally in DC

10/13/2023, WUSA-9

Rally for Israel held at Freedom Plaza at DC

10/13/2023, WUSA-9

‘Eradicate Hamas’

10/13/2023, NBC4
Calls from local groups to prevent humanitarian crisis amid Israel-Hamas War Stand with Israel rally held at Freedom Plaza

10/13/2023, Headline and Global News

DC Jewish Community Holds Pro-Israel Rally Amid Hamas's 'Day of Rage' Threat
10/14/2023 - Baltimore Sun
Maryland officials vow to support Israel, work to free hostages in deadly conflict: ‘We will not rest until we get them out’
10/16/2023 - JMore
Baltimore Photographer Captures Images from ‘Stand With Israel’ Rally
10/18/2023 - Washington Jewish Week
DMV Community Rallies Around Israel
10/18/2023 - Fox 5
Montgomery County to give nearly $1M to non-profits experiencing hate crimes
10/25/2023 - Montgomery Community Media
Security Funding to Religious Institutions Increased by $300,000
10/27/2023 - Montgomery Community Media
Cardin Meets With Jewish Leaders Amid Israel-Hamas War
11/1/2023 - Washington Post
D.C.-area schools report more bias incidents against Jews, Palestinians
11/1/2023 - Washington Post
From boycotts to firebombs, Israel-Gaza war brings wave of antisemitism
11/2/2023 - MoCo 360
Montgomery County Councilmembers speak on supporting constituents during Israel-Hamas war
11/4/2023 - Washington Post
Flooding D.C. streets and bashing Biden, thousands demand Gaza cease-fire
11/7/2023 - JTA
US Jewish groups put out call for massive ‘March for Israel’ in DC on Nov. 14
11/14/2023 - Israel Channel 13
Adam Odesser interviewed by Israel Channel 13 on living in America during the Israel-Hamas war
11/14/2023 - BBC
JCRC’s Ron Halber interviewed by the BBC on the March for Israel - YouTube
11/15/2023 - Washington Jewish Week
Historic Pro-Israel Rally in DC Draws Massive Crowd
11/15/2023 - The Wash
Jewish groups descend on Washington to support Israel
11/20/2023 - The Sentinel
2023 Anti-Jewish Bias Incidents nearly Triple from Previous Year amid War in Israel, Gaza
11/21/2023 - Washington Post
Member of Md. hate-crime task force suspended for anti-Israel remarks
11/21/2023 - MoCo 360
Md. CAIR director suspended from state hate crimes panel; Chaudry defends posts on Israel-Hamas war
11/22/2023 - Washington Jewish Week
Maryland Attorney General Suspends CAIR Director From State Hate Crimes Commission After Social Media Posts
11/29/2023 - eJewish Philanthropy
JCRC of Greater Washington raising money, staffing up in wake of Oct. 7 and rising antisemitism
11/29/2023 - Washington Jewish Week
Building Pro-Israel Momentum in the Local Community
12/6/2023 - MoCo 360
Attorney General reinstates suspended member of Maryland Hate Crimes Commission
12/6/2023 - Washington Jewish Week
Suspension Lifted for Maryland CAIR Director on Maryland Hate Crime Commission
12/6/2023 - Washington Post
Member of Md. hate-crime commission reinstated after brief suspension
12/6/2023 - Washington Times
Maryland attorney general reinstates CAIR-Maryland director to hate crimes panel
12/7/2023 - Fox 5
Menorah vandalized outside Olney synagogue hours before Hanukkah celebrations set to begin
12/8/2023 - Washington Post
Menorah outside Olney synagogue found toppled on first night of Hanukkah
12/12/2023 - Washington Post
LTE  Chris Van Hollen scolds the wrong side in the Israel-Gaza war
12/15/2023 -
A tale of 3 university presidents: Why 1 resigned and 2 hang on for now
12/18/2023 - Washington Post
Arrest made in assault near Georgetown synagogue, police say
12/18/2023 - NBC Washington
‘I was afraid': DC rabbi talks about antisemitic attack outside Georgetown synagogue
12/19/2023 - MoCo360
Kensington synagogue’s ‘We Stand with Israel’ banner vandalized
12/20/2023 - Washington Post
Teachers, students protest suspension of educators who shared pro-Palestinian views
12/20/2023 - WUSA-9
Stay away order issued against man who sprayed victims outside synagogue while shouting 'Gas the Jews'
12/21/2023 - Montgomery Community Media
Calls for Increased Security Grants, Support for Israel at Lox & Legislators Breakfast
12/23/2023 - Fox News
Holocaust denialism among some younger Americans alarms experts as post-10/7 antisemitism
12/28/2023 - WTOP
Montgomery Co. schools urges teachers to ‘align’ social media posts with ‘system’s values’
12/28/2023 - Washington Post
At a D.C. school, proposed film event sparks outrage amid Israel-Gaza war
12/28/2023 - Washington Post
Opinion  Montgomery schools followed policy on suspending teachers
12/29/2023 - Washington Jewish Week
Security, Antisemitism and Israel Spotlighted at JCRC Annual Legislative Breakfast
1/2/2024 - USA Today
Embattled Harvard President Claudine Gay resigns just six months into her tenure
1/3/2024 - The Hill
3 college heads testified before the House last month. One still has her job
1/3/2024 - The Economic Times
Harvard President Claudine Gay's abrupt exit sparks questions
1/4/2024 - Jewish Insider
Baltimore lawmaker seeks to remove CAIR from Md. hate crimes commission
1/10/2024 - Washington Jewish Week
Amid Teacher Suspensions, Antisemitism Remains an Issue at Local Public Schools
1/12/2024 - Jewish Insider
Van Hollen emerging as leader of progressive Senate bloc critical of Israeli policy
1/14/2024 - WJLA
Israel-Hamas War reaches 100th day
1/24/2024 - National Review
‘We Will Not Stop’: Protesters Call on Qatar to Help Free Hostages in Gaza
1/24/2024 - Haaretz
U.S. Jews, Israeli Expats to Rally for Hostages in Front of Qatari Embassy in Washington
1/24/2024 - Jewish Insider
Jewish Washingtonians gather at Qatari Embassy to push for hostage release
1/25/2024 - JNS
DC Jews gather to express ‘appreciation, frustration’ to Qatar, demand it ‘crack a whip on Hamas’
1/28/2024 - Jerusalem Post
Congressional reps, US Jews protest at Qatar's embassy to secure hostages
1/28/2024 - Jerusalem Post
Call out Qatar’s double game
1/29/2024 - WUSA-9
Rabbi attacked by Lyft driver in Northwest DC
1/25/2024 - Maariv
Pro-Israel advocates gather outside the Qatari Embassy in Washington to demand the release of hostages
1/31/2024 - Jewish Insider
Qatar’s two-faced approach to hostage diplomacy divides Israeli officials, American Jewish leaders
1/31/2024 - Haaretz
Qatar's Courtship of U.S. Jews and the White House Comes to a Climax
1/31/2024 - Washington Jewish Week
Local Community Members Call for Hostages’ Release Outside Qatari Embassy in DC
2/1/2024 - JTA
‘An incredibly volatile time’: From Iran to Yemen, how the Israel-Hamas war is sparking violence across the Middle East
2/2/2024 - WUSA-9
Jewish organizations and supporters demonstrate outside Qatar Embassy in DC
2/2/2024 - Jewish Insider
Trone speaks at Washington JCRC’s second Qatar Embassy event
2/2/2024 - 1010 WINS
Rallies today across US, Canada outside Qatar's NYC consulate and DC, Ottawa embassies calling for release of Hamas-held hostages
2/2/2024 - JNS
DC, NY, Ottawa Jews urge Qatar to help release hostages in Gaza
2/2/2024 - New York Sun
Leading Jewish Groups, Hostage Families at New York, Washington Press Qatar To Do More To Free Israeli Captives of Hamas
2/5/2024 - Times of Israel
Qatar’s Gaza war mediation may be a double-edged sword