JCRC Statement: A Step Towards Justice

JCRC Statement

Dear Friends,

Today jurors in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin found the defendant guilty of second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and manslaughter in the killing of George Floyd. 

We stand with the Jewish Community Relations Council: Minnesota and the Dakotas in welcoming this step towards justice and healing. And we express solidarity with the African American community and reiterate our commitment to fighting the systemic racism that set the stage for Floyd’s brutal killing.  

We all have a responsibility to do more than feel outrage that George Floyd was murdered. His slaying is one recent example of the toxic structural racism that has resulted in the murders of African Americans throughout our nation’s history. Here in Greater Washington, we heed the call to achieve a society free of racism; a society where communities of color feel and know they will be protected, rather than abused, by the law and its officers. 

As we said when George Floyd was killed, the Jewish people will not be bystanders to injustice. Our values commit us to introspection and action; to dismantling institutionalized racism in America; and to working with our African American and intergroup partners to build a better and more just Washington region. That is why our JCRC prioritizes racial justice and police reform in our anti-racism community work and our legislative agenda. 

May George Floyd’s memory continue to be a blessing to those who knew him, and may his memory serve to inspire change in our communities and our nation.