JCRC Statement on Congressman Raskin's Vote Against Critical Israel Aid Bill

JCRC Statement

The following is a statement from Ron Halber, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of Greater Washington, in response to Congressman Jamie Raskin voting against legislation that provides security funding to Israel and humanitarian relief to Gaza.

“Since he entered Congress in 2017, Rep. Raskin has been a steadfast ally of JCRC and Jewish families in greater Washington. He has used his voice and platform to support Israel’s safety and security; lead efforts to fight antisemitism at home and secure a lasting peace abroad; and urge the release of innocent Israeli civilians who continue to be held hostage by Hamas. We deeply appreciate his strong support over the last seven years.  

We are therefore profoundly disappointed by his decision to vote against a vital funding package — bipartisan legislation supported by more than 360 0f his House colleagues — that includes critical security aid for Israel and humanitarian support for the people of Gaza.

From Hamas in Gaza to Hezbollah in Lebanon to the Houthis in Yemen to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Israel is currently engaged in a multi-front war against terrorist enemies hellbent on its destruction and committed to wiping out the Jewish people. This long overdue funding package will support Israel’s defensive capabilities, including Iron Dome and David’s Sling, that recently saved countless innocent Israeli civilians from hundreds of missiles fired by Iran; replenish security funds that will help protect IDF soldiers and American military personnel; and significantly expand the amount of humanitarian aid deployed in the region. Without this package, the existential threats that Israel and Jewish people throughout the Middle East face will continue to grow.

There are any number of ways one can “send a message” to the Israeli government that don’t involve attempts to withhold essential funding. It is our hope that Rep. Raskin’s opposition to this legislation represents a misguided exception to what has been his general rule of being a great friend to Israel and strong supporter of the American Jewish community.”