JCRC and ADL Washington Statement on CASA Anti-Israel Social Media Post

JCRC Statement


The JCRC of Greater Washington and The ADL Washington, D.C. today issued the following joint statement expressing disappointment in a since-deleted social media post by CASA, a prominent immigration advocacy organization in our region: 


“The Washington Jewish community has for decades enjoyed a strong alliance with the area’s Latino population and advocacy organizations, so it was particularly alarming to read CASA’s post concerning Israel that was hurtful and full of falsehoods. Although the post has been deleted, it does not erase the untrue accusation that Israel is engaging in ethnic cleansing or suggesting that Israel should not be able to defend itself from terrorism, among other inaccuracies. 

“It’s particularly upsetting that CASA chose to weigh in now, but said nothing after the horrifying October 7 massacre perpetrated by Hamas, save for a passing reference in the now-deleted post. Further, there has been no statement of condemnation on Hamas taking hostage more than 240 people, which includes numerous immigrants. 

“Our organizations have steadfastly supported CASA’s mission – a more just and effective immigration system and better resources for refugees and immigrants – and we remain committed to those goals. We deeply value our relationship with the Latino community and sincerely hope this incident does not cause lasting harm, but we strongly encourage CASA leadership to communicate with us or issue a public apology.”