2021 Community-Wide Yom Ha'Shoah Commemoration

Each year, the JCRC brings together thousands of participants, representing over 100 synagogues, churches, interfaith partners, diplomats, and elected officials to ensure that the legacy of the Holocaust is preserved. It is perhaps the JCRC of Greater Washington’s most sacred obligation to host our local community’s annual Yom Ha’Shoah Commemoration in honor of the six million Jews killed during the Holocaust and of the survivors and liberators among us.

This year join us at our community-wide commemoration online at 1 PM on Sunday, April 11, 2021. We are honored to welcome Elisha Wiesel, son of Elie Wiesel, as our keynote speaker.

As years pass and our survivors age, the events of the Shoah become more distant. With anti-Semitism on the rise, the JCRC’s commemoration, along with our year-round Holocaust education efforts, are more important than ever.

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We will also be hosting:

  • Dor L’Dor, Intergenerational program for teens and their families as well as educators to meet with and hear local Holocaust survivors share their living testimonies. Contact Sara Winkelman for more information.

  • Unto Every Person There is a Name, the annual reading of Shoah victims’ names co-sponsored by B’nai B’rith International and the JCRC.

  • Zikaron BaSalon, Memory in the Living Room, a program started in Israel which allows community members to host an online Holocaust commemoration with your friends and family. Contact Adam Odesser for more information.

Date & Time

Sunday, April 11, 20211 - 2 PM


Live Streamed

It is perhaps the JCRC of Greater Washington's most sacred obligation to host our local community's annual Yom Ha'Shoah remembrances in honor of the six million Jews killed during the Holocaust and of the survivors and liberators among us. Please join us in fulfilling this most sacred responsibility of remembrance by making a contribution to support JCRC's Yom Ha'Shoah commemorations and teen programming. 

All donations of $250 or greater, will be acknowledged in the program.


Elisha Weisel

Elisha Wiesel

Elisha’s words and actions mark him as an emerging fighter against poverty, advocate for opportunity, and student of Jewish continuity. 

Elisha is a recovering Wall Street executive. Since retiring from a twenty-five year financial markets career at Goldman Sachs at the end of 2019, he served in 2020 as one of the lead technologists in Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign. In his most recent board position at Good Shepherd Services, Elisha raised millions of dollars for New York’s neediest by convening “Midnight Madness”, where hundreds of finance professionals stayed up all night solving elaborate puzzles on the city streets.
When his father passed, Elisha realized how many others missed his voice––and so, when opportunities for impact arise, Elisha shares his father’s message and continues his legacy by standing up for persecuted communities. In the last few years, Elisha has spoken at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum about the need to protect the LGBTQ+ community; shone a light while speaking at Auschwitz on the plight of Syrian refugees being denied Western asylum; written for the Financial Times about the urgency of upholding DACA; and taken his son to peacefully march for Black Lives.
Elisha is using his time in quarantine to learn Metallica songs on guitar from his son, to learn Tik Tok dances from his daughter, to organize his father’s archives, to learn a little Talmud every day, and to try and be a good father, husband and son.